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I could not wait to put together the 3d puzzle of Big Ben and the wait was well rewarded.

by Silvia 23.11.2016
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I received the 3d puzzle by mail and only see the writing "Ravensburger" on the package has excited me, in addition, the packaging, simple and functional, guarantees that the box of the puzzle is not damaged.
Immediately, I was impressed by the quality of the product: the pieces are made of durable plastic, the base is rigid enough to ensure the perfect stability and has a compartment for housing the device for the light.
I put together the 3d puzzle in an hour and a half with the "supervision" of my nieces -5 and 8 yrs old- who separated the pieces by color and have assembled the part of the watch. The composition is quite simple, even without following the numbers on the back of each piece. I found very interesting the fact of having to fold and insert the corner pieces -they have a mini hinge- so as to ensure continuity in the design of the external surfaces.
The lower part is the most easy to assemble, even if I struggled a bit to secure it to the base with those small plastic holders. The upper part is more complex to assemble, since the pieces must be folded forward or backward, depending on the slope of the surface, but you can resolve this little difficulty by simply looking at the image on the box.
The final effect, once assembled all the 3d puzzle, is pleasant and very scenic, and increases exponentially with the lighting on - either the steady-white light, or the alternating colour light.
I really enjoyed making the 3d puzzle of the Big Ben and I recommend it: you can spend beautiful moments without renouncing that feeling of "challenge" and satisfaction in having "built" something. For sure, I want to try more other 3d puzzle in the future.