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Good fun with a lovely end product!

by Danielle 14.11.2016
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  • Overall score 5 of 5 stars

We really enjoyed building it and the pieces are very good quality. For me, usually, the puzzle is all about the process rather than the result, and I'll happily dismantle a puzzle as soon as I've completed it (and often won’t even keep it). But for the first time ever we now have a puzzle on permanent display in our living room! The Empire State Building puzzle looks lovely, especially when we put the light on. It's clever how one tiny lightbulb really does light up the whole thing beautifully (I have to admit when I saw the size of the light I thought it couldn’t possibly be very effective), and the colour change makes it even better. My kids often ask to put the light on in the evenings, and they like to show the model to visitors.

The puzzle is fiddly, and can be frustrating for children (and adults) who can’t get the pieces to fit – but that is to be expected as the box recommends age 12+; it is not a children’s toy. I let my puzzle-mad 7 year old son help despite this, and he loved every minute of it, while my 9 year old daughter found it too difficult.

This was the first puzzle we’ve tried with hinged pieces (shown in one photo) which we all found intriguing and fun, but you definitely do need to fully bend them before attempting to build with them!

The way the puzzle is built up is clever – a few layers of puzzle pieces, then a plastic insert, and repeat. This helps the light carry all the way up, and it also makes it easier to do the puzzle in stages as it holds it together ready for the next level to be added so you don’t need to do the whole thing at once. The instructions are clear, and the numbering and arrow system helps – the actual building process is fairly quick compared to finding the correct numbers! For the second half we decided to line up the pieces in order before starting to build with them. So in that sense it’s not so much like a regular puzzle, it is more like a construction kit. But a very good one!