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Big Ben puzzle was a hit with the kids!

by Jennifer 14.11.2016
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My son (11 yrs old) and daughter (8 yrs old) put this puzzle together this morning with some of my guidance and they had a blast doing it. They wouldn't even stop to eat lunch and wanted to keep working on it. It took about 2 hours for them to complete it, where my son took the bottom part of the tower and my daughter took the clock and the top part. They are plastic pieces with numbers on the back and it was easy to follow the instructions. The corners and tower pieces fold and click together. Some of the tower pieces just fold and don't click together (in the top part). To help with organizing the pieces, we first sorted them into 4 groups in plastic containers (1-60, 60-133, etc) based on the instructions for what portion of the tower the numbers went to. The top was the hardest and it came apart a few times because of the many angles but my daughter persevered and did it. There is one section in the top where the pieces needed to fold outward and not inward, so just be sure to look at the image. Also, I thought it was a little confusing to put on the clear plastic holders to the base for the clock to sit on. I figured it out where you have to put the base cardboard cover down first then put the clear plastic holders in plus fold the little tab up. That frustrated my son alittle. Otherwise, they were able to do it most of it, with some of my help. They thought it was also good for learning to count numbers.

The lights are pretty cool. It needs 3 AAA batteries. The switch can either make it white light or change colors of blue, green, light red. It would be hard for them to do it without following the numbers, but maybe an adult could tackle that. I asked them if they would want to do another one and they said yes! Maybe the Eiffel tower next.