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Big Ben Night Edition

by Valerie 13.11.2016
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  • Overall score 5 of 5 stars

I have never made a 3D puzzle before, so I was quite excited to try this.
It's not a very hard puzzle, but I did really enjoy making it. The pieces are numbered, so you can complete the puzzle that way if you wish, but I chose to do it the 'hard' way.
I tried to use the numbers to check that I was doing it correctly, but soon found this is quite impossible, as there are 4 of each puzzle piece, which are identical. So if you choose to complete the puzzle the traditional way you have to ignore the numbers, unless you want to give yourself a lot more (unnecessary) work.

The puzzle consists of 3 parts that you have to put together. Also included is a base to put the puzzle on. It is held in place with plastic clips. I did struggle a bit to get the puzzle properly clicked in on all 4 sides, but managed it in the end.
The puzzle pieces themselves are made of plastic, and they're really good quality. I was a bit worried about breaking the ones you have to bend, so I wasn't bending them enough at first. But they're really sturdy so there's really nothing to worry about.
As for the lights, there are 2 different settings, a white light & a colour changing one.

All in all I enjoyed making this puzzle & I think the result is really pretty. Especially when it's dark & the light's turned on, it's really like a miniature version of the real thing.
I'm really glad I got to test this puzzle & won't hesitate to buy more 3D puzzles in the future.