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Funny bunny - a great family game!

by Maria 10.05.2016
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  • Overall score 5 of 5 stars

I am so glad I got to try this game with my family! I was very excited when the game arrived and I immediately planned funny weekend with my nieces Federica (10 years) and Miriam (6 years)! They were so enthusiastic to get this game out of the box when they first saw it, and it certainly didn't disappoint them! In the box has 1 green 3D game board with rotating carrot, 16 bunnies in 4 colours, 24 cards and instructions. Really great box and materials which can resist long time!

The aim of the game is your bunny to rich up the hill, but to be careful of the holes on your road! The cards show you how many spaces to move and when to spin the carrot, which triggers holes to appear!

It didn’t take long time before everyone was caught up in laughing when someone gets a carrot card and need to spin the carrot on the top! This game could have been a lot more fun if there were more holes and carrot cards.

The game is simple and easy to learn, but yet requires a little strategy to win! Despite that the game is for players 5+ years, my 2 year old boy (who played with me) absolutely loved it and laughed every time when some bunny fall into the hole!

We all loved this game and we highly recommend it!

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