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Beautiful Quality Puzzle and Decor: Eiffel Tower Night Edition 3D Puzzle

by Kelly L. 24.08.2015
  • Decorative use
  • Quality
  • Image/object
  • Puzzle experience
  • Overall score 5 of 5 stars

I highly recommend the Eiffel Tower Night Edition 3D Puzzle from Ravensburger. I didn't know what to expect when I first opened the box for my first 3D puzzle, but I was incredibly happy with the results. I was a little worried because I lacked prior experience with 3D puzzles, yet I was able to immediately start after opening up the box. I will look into more 3D puzzles from Ravensburger in the future after this quality experience.

The box came with a simple instructions booklet, plastic stand and supporting features, decorative card for the stand, LED light, and puzzle pieces. It was easy to get started for a beginner with no experience or a seasoned puzzler.

Puzzle Experience: 5/5
Prior to the Eiffel Tower Night Edition 3D Puzzle, I had no prior experience with constructing a 3D puzzle. Before, I had only worked with regular 2D puzzle. Now that I have finished with this Eiffel Tower 3D puzzle, I have been converted and I look forward to building more 3D puzzles from Ravensburger.

Image/Object: 5/5
I have always wanted to go to Paris and this 3D puzzle replica of the Eiffel Tower makes me feel like I have been transported to the capital of France. If the image on the puzzle box looks beautiful, it is even more beautiful when it is fully built. At night, the soft LED lights give the 3D Eiffel Tower a romantic glow that feels instantly Parisian.

5/5 for the puzzle pieces
The puzzle pieces were very high quality and made of a durable plastic signature of Ravensburger. I was happy with the quality puzzle pieces which made the Eiffel Tower structure very sturdy after completion. The quality of the puzzle pieces supersedes any other quality complaints I may have about different pieces of the 3D puzzle. The only problem I had with the puzzle pieces were the pieces meant to be bent at a right angle. The plastic is sturdy and there isn't a good notch for bending; with some of the smaller pieces especially, it was difficult and hurt a little when I tried to lock in the 90 degree angle.

3/5 for the plastic components
The golden plastic components used to support were the only downside to this 3D puzzle. Although the sparkly golden colors complimented well with the puzzle's Eiffel Tower print, the quality The base supports were difficult to slot in to the plastic base. Sometimes the plastic supports would shift and not lock properly into the base. That was frustrating when I wanted to tower to remain stable so I could add on more pieces to it. The accessory plastic squares for the Eiffel Tower's tiers also didn't lock in with the puzzle pieces that well. They would often shift from their position and it was frustrating trying to keep the tower all together.

4/5 for the LED lights
The LED light pack requires AAA batteries, but it took at least ten minutes of fiddling to get the lights to work. I tried several different packs of batteries, yet the lights still wouldn't come on. After some more adjusting and pushing, the lights eventually worked and they were beautiful. I was impressed with the white light that emanated from the base of the Eiffel Tower. Later on, I unexpectedly activated the setting for the changing color LED lights and I was delighted. I thought the lights only shone in white and I was more than happy to see the Eiffel Tower cycling through the colors of the rainbow. The lights are and one of the best features of the Night Edition. Even if it took some struggling to get it working, the results are worth it.

Decorative Use: 5/5
My 3D Eiffel Tower is currently on top of a high bookshelf. I like to use it as a display piece; someone complimented me on the Eiffel Tower replica the other day and had no idea it was made up of puzzle pieces. I also turn on the LED light at night and double its use as a colorful lamp.

After many long hours of puzzling, I was immensely happy with the results of my Eiffel Tower 3D puzzle. There is no better feeling that putting in the final piece and realizing I have finished my first 3D puzzle.

**I was sent the Eiffel Tower Night Edition 3D Puzzle via the Ravensburger Test Lounge. I am grateful for the opportunity to test out such a wonderful and high quality product.