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Big Ben Flag Edition Review

by Mary 23.08.2015
  • Decorative use
  • Quality
  • Image/object
  • Puzzle experience
  • Overall score 5 of 5 stars

When I received my puzzle I couldn't wait to get started. Much to my surprise, the puzzle pieces were made of heavy duty plastic and not the old cardboard and foam which never held up very well. The corner pieces actually bend, and I was worried that they would not hold up to the pressure necessary to make sharp corners, but I was wrong. The pieces are high quality, strong and will stand up to heavy pressure.

As instructed in the manual, I began at the bottom and worked my way up. It took a little more than three hours to complete the puzzle, with plenty of breaks. In fact, I had the puzzle out of the box as soon as I received it, and pretty much kept working on it until it was done. There are a few things that I can offer as tips when you work on your puzzle. First, find your straight edges for the top of bottom of the largest section, then separate the colors that seem to go together. Putting the edges together gives you a base to build on by following the pictures in the manual. If you get stuck, you can look at the numbers behind each piece for a clue, but I didn't do that at all because I would rather be frustrated than get help with a challenge! Also, bend those corners hard so that the completed structure is square. Don't be afraid to put lots of pressure on the corners or you will have to go back and work on them again. The pieces can handle it.

Finally, when you get to the last step, the spire, don't get too frustrated. It will fall apart again and again until it finally stays in place. Keep working the pieces and remember to assemble the bottom and top edges first before tackling the topmost pieces.

The most helpful advice I can offer is to use the flat handle of a spoon or other heavy object to constantly press the sides into place as you add pieces to the base. You do this from the inside out. This keeps the shape of the puzzle and makes it easier to add more pieces. This also helps to create a puzzle that doesn't appear to be a puzzle because the pieces fit so well together. Lastly, this high-quality puzzle can be put together again and again. Hope this review has helped! Good luck!