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Fun Catching Bugs!

by Denise 23.05.2015
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At first, Bugs in the Kitchen simply seemed like an entertaining, silly children's game with its maze and electronic bug--and there really is nothing wrong with that. I quickly realized, though, that there is a lot of educational value to this game. Seems like a win-win!

My grandchildren, ages 4 and 11, and 6-year-old niece were very excited to play, especially once they saw that bug scampering around the game board! It was only moments before everyone was caught up in the excitement--cheering, laughing, and strategizing. It takes a fair amount of strategy, a lot of focus, and a little luck to catch that annoying cockroach. The children and adults loved the fast-paced playing--once we understood how to manipulate the utensils to guide the bug.

My four-year old grandson is currently entertaining himself with the game and trying to explain how to play it to his two-year-old cousin. Even though the game is recommended for six and older, it seems to be quite entertaining for the two of them.

I would definitely recommend Bugs in the Kitchen.