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by Kara 26.04.2016
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I got to try the game Funny Bunny by Ravensburger . My overall review is A+. This was an excellent game and I was so surprised by it . It says its for players 5 and up, but my two year old absolutely loved it and was actually able to play it with her siblings..Each person gets four bunnies and you draw a card and move your bunny the corresponding amount of spaces or if you get a carrot card, you have to turn the carrot which is a big carrot in the middle of the game (which the youngs kids loved twisting)and once you twist the carrot,it reveals a new hole for your bunny to fall into. It doesnt take very long to play but my kids loved when the other was almost to the winner carrot and then they fall in the hole and have to start back from scratch.I invited my friends over to play and they absolutely loved it . They wanted to know all the information so they can buy it for their kids. It's just a great family game all around. I love how simple and cool the design is. It's astechically pleasing to the eye. I like that all the parts are the bunnies and the cards so you can't really lose anything. Its lightweight and easy to store so it doesn't take up alot of room. It's perfect for friends and the family and that's a game that I want in my household that is universal. It's a great price for the quality of the game and this is such great quality. I am so glad I got to try this game because it is my kids favorite game now. I have recommended to everyone I know and people have already bought it to try. What a fantastic game .you should definatly try it !
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