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A definite hit.

by Gina 01.07.2017
  • Appeal to play again
  • Ease of use
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  • Fun factor
  • Overall score 4 of 5 stars

I honestly didn't have very high hopes when I received this product, but my kids and I love arts and crafts, so I just hoped it would give us a bit of fun. I was so wrong. This craft gave us hours upon hours of fun!

The box comes with eight different designs, six sand colors, and one scraper tool, as well as the directions. I let my four-year-old, five-year-old, and their friends of varying ages try this out, and saved the unicorn design for myself. Everyone had fun, but the older kids were able to get much more involved than the younger ones. The protective sheets were very tiny at times and difficult to get off, so it either requires a lot of adult help, or an older child capable of the fine motor skills to get those little pieces off.

What I loved: My favorite part of this kit is the fact that the sand comes in resealable containers, that are easy to pour excess sand into as well as easy to store for later use. Some of our designs took so long that we needed to put them aside and come back later. This wasn't a problem since the sand was in the containers rather than bags. I also loved how on the instructions it tells you to use the lid as your work space, so that you can pour the sand right back into the containers, without a mess or waste. This was very helpful, especially for the younger kids. The older kids were able to use newspaper, but the process then took longer, of course.

I also liked that the scraper was double sided. One side to take off the protective sheet, and the other side to scrape the sand. I really did not find it helpful to scrape the sand though. It was much more effective to use the tool or your fingers and pat the sand into place. Scraping took too much off.

What I did not love: I gave this only four stars because of just a few things. First of all, I didn't love how tiny and difficult some of the pieces were to get off. I would have to scrape it so hard that I would accidentally end up taking off some of the sand that I already had in place. I also didn't love how flimsy the mandala design boards were. The size was perfect, but the strength was not. They are about the same as a typical sticker, but when you add all the sand, they were weighted down and weakened. We couldn't figure out how to display them, which is unfortunate because they came out so beautifully. I think a cardboard or even cardstock thickness would be much better for ease of use as well as for displaying the finished product.

Overall, I will absolutely buy these again. This kit is perfect for a party or just a rainy day craft idea. I found that all ages and all genders really enjoyed using these. I cannot wait to try a different design!